A Real Piece of Work

This is the first novel in Chris Orcutt’s series about us. It’s available in print, and for Kindle and other ebook platforms.

What is A Real Piece of Work about?
Rather than try to outdo how Chris Orcutt describes the novel, here is a snippet from his own synopsis:

A Real Piece of Work delves into a world of forged and stolen art, secret identities and murder. In a case that leads from Manhattan to the Catskills to Washington, D.C., what begins as the simple recovery of a painting soon reveals an international art scam and a chilling secret that has remained hidden since WWII.”

How much of the novel is true?
A lot. Obviously, though, in order to tell a compelling story, Orcutt glamorized and embellished certain characters and parts of the case. The only person he didn’t have to embellish, however, was Svetlana; she is every bit as brilliant and witty as he makes her out to be.

Will there be more novels based on your cases?
The answer to that is, yes, probably. Orcutt has already written the second novel in the series, The Rich Are Different, and as we understand it, has created outlines for several others.

Where can I get the book?
Check out the links on the sidebar to your right.